To the Night

Someone once told me that if you want to do something, just start. Here is my start.

This first post comes on the heels of a tough week. To put this post in place and time: Donald Trump was just said to have won the role of president in this country, and we are reeling from it.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to create a space to slow life down, a space to notice the beautiful things, the things that are like songs in the midst of the mess. A quiet space.

On the night of the election, this November 8, 2016, when the dread of the results started to sink in, I thought of an old church hymn that I’ve loved since I was little. I’ve been wanting to memorize it for a while, and around 1 in the morning, when my wife and daughter were sound asleep and I was still firmly attached to refreshing my screen, I got up out of bed, walked downstairs, and lit a candle. I looked up the hymn lyrics, and I wrote them down.

I don’t go to church all that often, but there is something about singing an old, old song with a group of people that can make you feel something like love, an undercurrent of connection. This is what I’ve always felt when I’ve sung this song, and I needed to feel it so bad that night. I’m convinced that if we can allow ourselves to connect to the pain of others, we can save ourselves. (Oh, this country, and the fear so many are forced to live in. It’s wrong. It’s time to make it right.)

This particular hymn is called “My Life Flows on in Endless Song.” In it are the lines, “What though the darkness gather round? / Songs in the night he giveth.” Finally, my blog name became obvious to me that night on November 8th, after my longtime search to find a way to describe in a simple phrase what matters to me most.

This is a space for all kinds of songs–songs of home, songs of heavy, of protest, people, heart, the beauty of light and dark.

Here’s to the night, and the songs we find there.




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